36 Hours In: Kansas City

Nov 7, 2018

Lego replica of the Starlight Theatre

In this episode of "Marcia creates an excuse to road trip"...

Mark's favorite band (also writers of "our song") started touring again so I'd been campaigning, hard - to see them in concert and even feebly tried to sell him on a trip to London with a very new baby Asher (like a month old, I was determined to make it work, too) when he dismissed my previous idea, which was equally as insane, I'm certain.

Fate happened, my friends because they added a show a mere 4-hour drive away in Kansas City, and I had already bought tickets seconds after/as Mark said "sure".  

And while it rained, POURED the entire duration of our stay we had blast on our first road trip (outside of visiting family) trip as a family of four. Hitting the road just before Asher's morning nap (I make all travel arrangements around their sleep/nap schedules to set us all up for success) we rolled into KC midday and hit the ground running. Our Airbnb was conveniently located - our only regret was being unable to play in this awesome playground mere steps away due to the weather.


Columbus Park Ramen: run, don't walk. We all slurped our way to the bottom our bowls and the waiter even put a few ice cubes (genius!) in Owen's to help it cool faster because he was determined to eat his noodles upon seeing the bowl.

Beer Kitchen: get the fries. 

Urban Table: Brunch was legit.

Filling Station Coffee: A sucker for decor, this place won me over before stepping inside then made my heart happy with delightful coffee and baked goods.

Succotash: neighborhood breakfast spot that is warm and eclectic. Also, their latte was the size of my head and tasted like heaven.

Wonderscope: You guys - if we lived in KC we would 100% have a membership here and honestly could/should have stayed an entire day because of so.much.fun! 

Airline History Museum: Owen is deeply interested in all things transportation currently. In hindsight, this was a bit over his head but was a neat tour nonetheless.

Legoland: The room of KC replicas was everyone's favorite and Owen threw a monster tantrum when we tried to leave. The second time in there. 

Starlight Theatre - The National concert: we came prepared with rain jackets and hearing protection (for the boys) as it was at an outdoor venue and once the rain began heading to the top portion which was covered to enjoy the show and let Owen run around.

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