Baby Favorites: Six Months

Jan 24, 2019

Our children are two years apart and the same gender, so re-utilizing items we already owned was definitely a plus/part of the family plan. Having said that, there are a few new things we added now that our family dynamic has changed (read: chasing a toddler with an infant in tow).

Happy Baby Carrier - a cinch to put on (and adorably patterned to boot!), which have proven paramount for my solo outings with both boys in tow.

Our stroller (we have the 2011 model) expanded, which made all of my parenting dreams come true {rumble seat, riding board, parent organizer}. Should anyone want more information on the Vista, I'm here to sing ALL of their praises, and will happily wax poetic about them all the live long day.

A friend graciously let us borrow their side sleeper {similar} and it quickly turned into staple: the wheels made simple to move from room to room and extra storage was paramount to stash burp cloths, toys and the like.

Aveeno gentle wash/shampoo and eczema ointment saved Asher's sensitive skin.  He doesn't have eczema, but these have been gentle and wonderfully hydrating.

These bottle labels eliminated a step in daily bottle making (for school).

Utilizing a diaper backpack in lieu of a shoulder bag has paid for itself ten times over (even though it was a steal, costing less than $30), having the ability to use both hands with small kiddos is EVERYTHING, especially solo outings. The only criticism I have is that the bottle compartments in the front zipper only hold 4oz bottles, so I reutilized that space to hold sunglasses, and the like.

Bought two of these versatile bins to house all the toys/stuffed animals that seemingly take over the nursery in literal seconds. 

The ability to pop a color catcher in the wash without fear that the rogue article of clothing ruining the load - isn't science grand?

Hearing protection - these are not only adorable but make attending music festivals/concerts a cinch. Asher wore his for the first time at the National concert and slept thru the entire concert and didn't mind them one bit. Owen was a bit older the first time he wore his at Loufest and had similar results.

Tiny fingers love this click-clack ball we received as a gift.  It emits a clocking sound when you twist the hoops that Asher goes bananas for.

Upgraded our wipe holder to plastic as the cloth one sucked all the moisture from the wipes which became super annoying.

Continuing my endless love for kimono tops on an infant with these gray kimono onesies.

Worked our previous bottle warmer to the ground and replaced it seconds after we realized it was on its last leg. 

Wubanub proves once again, functional items can be cute. Pro Tip: we have one for our main floor/outings and one for upstairs and (knocks on wood) haven't lost one yet. 

Baby Connect app - ties for MVP; this app can be as detailed as my little OCD heart desires and tracks EVERYTHING. You can set timers for feedings, changing and even set appointments and log your questions which SAVES me come pediatrician time.  It syncs seamlessly across caregivers/babysitter, etc. Mark digs all the charts. Win, win, WIN.

Shout out to those workhorses we have/continue to use daily and held up like a DREAM: nursing pillowcar seatboppy loungerkeekaroo, exersaucer {similar}, high chair.

six-month favorites: Owen

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