Here We Go Again! Postpartum Fitness: Take, Two

Feb 18, 2019

Once I felt semi non-zombie like after Asher was born {birth story} I bought Shred415's shred the bump package (I'd gone to classes previously with ClassPass and loved them), which consisted of 3 months, unlimited classes. And while returning to exercise postpartum is an uphill journey, I challenged myself to attend classes every day if possible to fully maximize results, regain self-esteem and, get my money worth.

October: 10/12 days

20 Back on the deks and treads! average speed 5.8, highest speed 6.4, highest incline 4%

21 Ran 5 minutes without stopping. Endurance levels feel nonexistent. Meal prepped like a boss.

23 Ann! She makes you push to be your best self just when I need it

24 took it easy on the treadmill

26 bands = muscles firing 

30 60s at 8% incline, ouch

November: 20/30 days

4 started Whole30

11 Owen goes to his first kid's lounge and LOVED it!

12 Shred + yoga (45min)

13  Shred during lunch

14 Shred + Hip Hop Dance Class

15 snow day; rest 

16 1/2 class missed due to traffic, but I went. Wicked awesome 90's playlist

18 rest - 30 days in and have worked out 25/30 days, whoop whoop!

19 Shred (manual mode on the treadmill!) + Yoga (45min)

20 Finally feeling like I can almost keep up.  Almost.

22 Turkey Trot 8k! (1:01:03) - trained for solely via Shred classes

26 Owen and Asher hit up the kid lounge whilst I get my shred on

27 overslept; rest

28 travel day (Chicago); rest 

29 A quick run on the hotel treadmill

December: 15/31 days

2 sick; rest

4 topped out at 8.2 mph!

7 sick; rest 

9 Shred with bands...

11 Shred with bands - yowza.

13 Made it to class on time for once!!

17 Yoga 

19 Holiday Lights run with Annelise

29 Shred; Owen kids lounge - mama/son date to Starbucks afterward

30 Orangetheory with Angie

My 3-month package ended and I felt some significant gains both endurance and self-esteem wise, so I am now keeping an unlimited class membership on a month-to-month basis to reach the remainder of my goals and continue to foster a space for me to decompress mentally. Caring for tiny humans is both unrelenting and wonderful, and over the past almost three years as a mother, have found for me to be my best self, I need to carve out time just for me. And if that means waking up at 4:30-5a to get in a workout, so be it. 

January: 13/31 days

1 Small class, did all the things


5 sick; rest

6 sick; planks 30s

9 travel day (Chicago); rest

10 walk Chicago

11 walk Chicago

12 Tracy Anderson Method Express: Abs w/ Owen

14 8.0 mph!

22 went to wrong (earlier) class. Facepalm.

26 rolling hills

30 was -1 degree when leaving for class

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