London Called

Feb 11, 2019

Once our train arrived into Kings Cross we freshened up (the restroom costs 30p?!) and I made the quickest stop at platform 9 3/4 to grab a Gryffindor magnet, only to realize once I got home (to the states, facepalm) I bought Hufflepuff.

Anytime is snack time, just grab your lunchbox and plop down on the floor.

Pro Tip: This lunchbox is TSA friendly (be sure it is frozen)

Recreating our elevator selfie, circa 2014 

I took my baby, to a bar. Ok, we sat outside, but still.  
Euston Tap is hip and bustling and the people watching was magic.

Costa coffee has the yummiest blueberry muffins.

Toddling through the British Museum like he owned the place, which technically was true. We arrived not long after they opened and it was glorious.

We had one day solo (we were in London two days total), so after the British Museum we took a double-decker bus to the Tower Bridge, walked to Borough Market, Piccadilly Circus, and Chinatown grabbing carry-out from Lotus Garden and held a picnic in the middle of the living room floor before passing out from satiated exhaustion. 

Stockpiling pouches, like a boss

Hands down, my favorite culinary experience was Borough Market. As we descended the stairs and were wafted by aromas straight from heaven, I knew we had arrived.  And I proceeded to buy and inhale all the foods. 

Parenting win: rolling your entire stroller into the cab, whilst your toddler slumbers.  We need these in the states.  NEED.

Of note: Gatwick had a separate TSA line for families (along with helpful tips on their webiste) which was super helpful.

Next stop, Iceland!

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