C, Is For Cookie

Mar 15, 2019

Let's not mention the fact it has taken me almost a year to post photos from Owen's second birthday bash, mmkay? 

Theme: Sesame Street {Invitations}

Menu: Create your own journey, the waffle bar replete with reddi whip, syrup, powdered sugar, jam, peanut butter, nutella, and butter. Berries. Mimosa's for the parentals, Milk/OJ for the littles.

Decorations: paper straws/sidewalk chalk/balloons/candles/kid cups/flowers: Trader Joe's

DIY: Browned butter chocolate chip cookies and cake, sans finishing salt {recipe}, Belgian waffles with sugar pearls, for flair {recipe}

Outfit: shirt

Can we just take a moment of silence for how clean my home looks?

Harper, Hannah, and Owen

Easiest party menu, to date. Will be repeating both this party time slot and menu, again.

We celebrated on his birthday with our first trip to the Magic House, custom Sesame Street macarons (his favorite!) and per tradition, ice cream at Clementines.

Stumbled across this book and added it to our reading rotation in the weeks leading up to his special day.

Grandpa Rex and Grandma Elise

Happy Birthday, O!


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