Monday Musings

Mar 13, 2019

  1. Yet another reason I justify family traveling to my accountant/husband.
  2. The covers channel on Sirius XM is so good. I'm going to be really sad once my free preview is over.
  3. Semi-recently downsized to a slim wallet, made possible by purging frivolousness and utilizing the Keyring app
  4. Home decoration by zodiac sign.
  5. Banner road granola, affectionately known by O as, "crunchies" is a new breakfast favorite.
  6. I don't "need" a Himalayan salt lamp, do I?
  7. Keurig cocktail machine, brilliant or lazy? 
  8. Impatiently awaiting season 2 of Killing Eve.
  9. First, there was the podcast Serial. Now, HBO is doing a four-part documentary.
  10. Best restaurants  in STL

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