Toddler Favorites: Two Years

Mar 6, 2019


electric toothbrush/toothpaste - I finally convalesced and invested in a quality electric toothbrush, we were burning through the toss-aways too quickly and it has earned its worth already. There is an app that assists kids in brushing for the proper length of time and covering each area, set to music. 

eczema cream - perfect for post-swim showers!

bed safety guard - the opposite of an eyesore, this bed bumper that can be relocated from bed to bed with ease and is soft enough sleep against/climb over, as toddlers do.

blackout shades - bought these "toss away" shades on a whim and they changed my life. 


slippers - adorable, no-skid slippers that wash/dry wonderfully

swim trunks/rashguard

toms - funky printed, lightweight slip-on

north face jacket {similar}

pajamas: fire truck {similar}/star wars

socks: no show/sesame street/low cut - dig low cut socks for warm days. The Sesame Street socks have grips on the bottom which is perfection against our hardwood floors.

underwear {potty training post}

maui tee - worn on repeat for months on end, I'm shocked it isn't in tatters.

Recurring favorites: cat and jacknatives, new balance sneakers (shamelessly bought us matching sneaks and he is mortified, at age 2 to twin me), birkenstocks, mini boden (1/2) and tea collection. 


Also known as the ever-changing attention span of a small human; kitchen (DIY) pots and pans, shopping cart, trucks/cars, water table (used 2 ways), old school record player (had this when I was little! #throwback), seacopter, paper/holder/crayons  (bought these and quickly learned my toddler and dogs will eat them, and now hoard restaurant crayons because, #budget), wooden coffee makerdust, sweep, mop setaquadoodle.


utensils 1/2 - he's these up in lieu of their adult counterpart

camelbak water bottle - though prefers to drink from my water bottle, everytime.

booster seat

suction bowls - handy to aid in negating toddler spills

divided plate {similar}



step stool - versatile for use to wash hands, as impromptu seating and a cinch to wipe clean

kitchen tower - safely contains our resident sous chef

stroller snack tray 

table/chairs - our dining table is bar height, so we have shared many a family dinner at this chic little table/chair set which makes him feel like a big boy.

backpacks: this baggu is perfect for outings and easy to pop in the wash. Once Asher joined us, we use a diaper backpack, and on solo outings, O has a monogrammed toddler backpack for any miscellaneous needs (think pool supplies, extra snacks).

marshmallow couch - the resting spot for TV watching, book reading, naps and the like.

toilet seat trainer {potty training post} has been a game changer post kid potty giving him the autonomy to use the restroom alone, usually while shouting, "privacy!"


baby banz - tried and true ear protection

ipad cover - because an iPad without protection would never stand a chance


packing cubes - a game changer for my packing game

color catchers - makes tossing clothes in the wash without fear of colors transferring

storage basket - corrals toys, the end.

doorknob covers 

clothing labels - helpful for labeling clothing for school


thermometer - so easy to use!

favorites, by month: six/twelve

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