Holidays, 2018

Apr 3, 2019

Our first holiday season as a family of four reminded me how incredibly blessed we are, and gave me countless new memories with which I am grateful, including this generation photo of my mom, grandma and the boys and I.  

We hosted our first Thanksgiving with both sides of our families which proved to be far more fun in reality than I anticipated on paper, in addition to running my first postpartum Turkey Trot - an 8k in the park across from our home which was amazing, and foolish, depending on what portion of the race you asked me.  The following day Grandpa, Uncle Kyle, and Uncle Jay went with us for Owen's first time bowling before they headed back home.

Selected and cut down our Christmas tree which turned out to be massive (and lopsided!) once we got it inside, but that mesmerizing smell of pine wafting all four walls was worth it.  Finally got to participate in the Holiday Lights run with my pal Annelise, followed by a gal only dinner where the laughs were abundant and chatter nonstop.

Kicking off December, we went to Breakfast with Santa wherein Asher LOVED Santa and Owen wouldn't come within 5 feet of him, leading Grandma to sit on Santa's lap, and Owen on hers, so that we could get one photo, ha!

Celebrated our four year wedding anniversary with our first overnight trip to the Four Seasons (coinciding with my work holiday party there) where I could have easily lived in the robe and sipped espresso all the live long day and am in desperate need of a repeat, as I had too much fun and slept on the bathroom floor...  

The boys participated in their first school Christmas program (Grandpa made a special trip into town to see it!) wherein I laughed, cried and videoed like a neurotic dance mom.

Rounded out a balmy December weeknight with dinner and a trip to the Garden Glow with Angie, Charlie, and Aspen where s'mores, fire pits and hot cocoa made a much-appreciated appearance.

Holding strong with our matching family jammies tradition much to Mark's dismay, I should add - I think this year's buffalo plaid print may be my favorite thus far.  Owen made cookies for Santa this year - stealing one for himself, of course. He also took a wicked tumble down our stairs giving both he and his parents one of the scariest moments of his life (he was ok - a cut to his forehead and now matching scar to remind us of that day), to date. 

Despite countless internal reminders and best-laid plans, we not only did not assemble the boy's Playhouse (which I am planning a house warming for!), nor did we make Deb's mouthwatering cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning despite a frantic phone call to a friend going attempting to set me up for a cinnamon roll success.  

Tried my hand at Bon Appetit's Salted Caramel-Chocolate Tart and proved, once again life's problems can be solved with dessert. 

On New Year's Eve, Mark and I spent the evening out with our friends Angie, Charlie, Tom, and Jess - somehow convincing my mom and baby sister to babysit both boys and Angie/Charlie's little gal, Aspen while we had a lovely dinner at Cinder House followed by gambling which reminded me how much I am not a gambler, details!  We were home just before midnight to ring in the New Year with a kiss for each boys cheek as they slept, before passing out myself from the fun of it all. 

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