Photo Diary: Dallas

Jun 26, 2019

Rocking his backpack (stocked with in-flight entertainment of toys and treats) solo, FINALLY!



Hotel room shenanigans.

Snack Thief.


Squad goals.

Living his best life.

Headed to Dallas (Grapevine, to be exact) in April was made even sweeter by all the boys (and Jennifer!) joining me for a work conference. The conference came with a robust schedule so the gang explored while I was in sessions and I must give a shout out to Jennifer, who handled us four Pipers with the patience of a saint.

Held at the Gaylord Texan which pulled out every stop in terms of service and ease made our stay so lovely. Since we planned to stay on the resort we opted not to rent a car, using Gaylord's car service when needed as they not only provided transportation large enough for us to ride together but also had car seats on hand (free of charge!) for both boys which were a GAME CHANGER in terms of parental logistics.  Downtown Grapevine was quaint, charming and easily accessed via the hotel shuttle.  

While I was in session they explored: Sea Life Aquarium took the train to the Fort Worth Stock Yards for the cattle drive and went to the pool.

Notable Eats:

Judy Pie - located in downtown Grapevine and won everyone's heart with warm pie a la mode.

Mia Dia from Scratch - massive, overindulgent dinner replete with every single item you'd ever want to consume, and margaritas. Poor Jennifer had to accept my drink, which arrived in flames (who knew?!), ha!  We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart after dinner and save for being dropped (via app) by our Lyft/Uber driver FIVE times we stocked up on snacks for the week.

By the second day, Owen had fully embraced car service life and despite our best efforts to keep him humble, he was 100% onboard to take a ride around town in the "black car" and became audibly upset if he saw someone else utilizing them. Dallas ended up being further away than anticipated which was a bummer, but that just means we will be back to explore Dallas and Waco.

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