3, 2, 1 Blast Off! Asher Turns 1!

Jul 3, 2019

Knock me over with a feather honey Asher is, ONE. 

For his special day, the birth-day babe and I hit up the Zoo, joined by Asher's baby bestie, Lily and her sis Isla (Owen's baby bestie).  Shhh, don't tell Owen (who was at school). 

Per Piper family tradition, we also began reading "When's My Birthday" albeit a bit earlier than usual. As soon as Owen's birthday wrapped he was insistent we begin celebrating the next. Kid after my own heart, even though he flat out refused to miss school on his own special day because his friends/teachers were going to sing to him, thereby shattering my heart into a million pieces. 

That evening, we celebrated as a family (grandma and Aunt Jaleesa, too!) with cake - Lemon Elderflower, aka the Royal Wedding cake as a nod to our first days home with Asher {photo}. We were discharged on Friday and I spent the wee hours Saturday in the nursery watching the Royal Wedding while sipping tea and eating a slice of Royal Wedding cake that I'd pre-ordered (hence why I HAD to experience it again) to commemorate the special occasion(s).  

If you are in St. Louis (come visit me!), take care to swing by La Patisserie Choquette. Simone is a GEM. From Afternoon Tea to macarons {Owen is OBSESSED - remember his custom 2nd birthday Sesame Street macarons?!}, turducken croissants and now this cake which was adorned with a massive gold sprayed chocolate "1" and gold airbrushing along the sides. Need I say more?!

Theme: Outer Space {mood board}

Decor: invitations/star balloons/rocket balloon/moon balloon/kid plates/cupcake toppers/sunflowers from Trader Joe's

Pro Tip: I purchase paper straws/kid cups w/ lids/utensils (also found at Sams)/plates in bulk to have on hand for parties, backyard dining, picnics and the like. One day I'll buy real dishes instead of polluting the earth but that day will be once I don't have two tiny humans that require all my energy. 

After the helium fiasco from Owen's 3rd birthday (turns out if the store carries the balloon, they charge you the full price, JUST for helium), I bought a helium tank. And about four balloons in realized my tank was faulty to which my mom replied, "You know, there is a helium shortage right now". Facepalm. I was so proud of my balloon wall it stayed put until long after (read: at least a week, maybe two) every guest had left.

Grandma, Asher, Grandpa

Menu: Assorted cheeses, cured meats, yogurt dipped pretzels, crostini/crackers/breadsticks, hummus, olives, mixed nuts, rocket ship crackers, fresh fruit, and cupcakes (from Sam's). Lacroix and milk for the kids. Beer and spiked seltzer for the adults.  Basically, it was a massive charcuterie platter with all the trimmings.  Shout out to my mom and Mark for chopping fruit into the teeniest adorable pieces.

DIY: Smash cake {recipe} using silver icing pearls to denote "craters", thank you cards {finger paint}

Outfit: Tee

Since the midwest is prone to heat during the month of May, I ran out in the eleventh hour to get this pool for the kids. It was a HIT. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Asher!


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