Cookbook Club: Together, Our Community Cookbook

Sep 4, 2019

In commemoration of the Royal baby, we selected this cookbook for our June meet up and yet again were blown away with flavors, textures and love that was poured into each recipe. 

While prepping serving ware I broke two serving bowls which left shattered glass, everywhere (mercifully, it was contained to a drawer).  Because of this I fell behind preparing the carrot chapatis and upon arrival, both Christine and Jess jumped in to assist like the unicorn friends they are, despite the fact they not only had to prepare their own dishes, but wrangle children into clothes, in/out of cars and transport to my home along with aforementioned dishes.

To make the evening extra special, I sourced a bottle of HRH favorite wine, Tiganello from a local wine shop. In a word, it was splendid. Dare I say it is better than my beloved Pinot Noir? I dare. Not that Tiganello would make it into my wine rotation on the regular, see: two kids in daycare = all my dollars.

Since cookbook club the kofta kebabs have made their way into our rotation seamlessly as my boys go bananas over meatballs at current. Mark "thought" he was getting the easy task of bedtimes for the boys, jokes on him - I spent over an hour tidying the house, placing dishes in the dishwasher all while drinking wine and devouring the last bits of cake.  

Host: Piper family

Green Rice w/ Lamb
Plum Upside Down Cake
Jerra Chicken
Kofta Kebabs
Carrot Chapatis
Vegetable Samosas

Tiganello (for the adults)

Looking back: Season

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