Monday Musings

Sep 2, 2019

  1. St. Louis Zoo expands its primate habit, which gives me more reasons to love this FREE local attraction
  2. Things to do in STL this summer
  3. An excerpt from the Christmas Shopaholic - it immediately sends me back to Becky and her shenanigans and I. cannot. wait!
  4. Forest Park is expanding! Visions of picnics and exploration of their new nature playscape are already dancing through my head
  5. This resonated so deeply, How to Re-Discover Yourself After Becoming a Mother
  6. Shamelessly ordering from Mini Boden's Harry Potter collection and counting down the days until the boys are old enough to read/watch
  7. The benefits of, glute squeezes. File this under, I should be doing these daily so that my Diastasis Recti stays in check
  8. My entire household is addicted to Trader Joe's crepes wafer cookies
  9. Meaningful tips to packing school lunches
  10. The days are long, but the years are short.  Present parenthood, one marble at a time

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