Oct 26, 2019

{part, one} Cambridge and the Cotswolds  {part, two} London

Where were we? Oh yes...

The flight was easy, despite what the blurry photo and dark circles beneath my eyes convey. 

Shout out to the Reykjavik airport for having these strollers scattered about for (FREE!) use.

From the airport, we hopped on a flybus into the city where we then had not quite a mile walk, on foot, uphill (no lie) to our Airbnb (situated perfectly in the city for ease of exploring on foot). Which sounds awful, but was 100% doable, especially considering how cost-effective it was.

Pro Tip: rent a car in the city instead of at the airport, where it is $$$ more.  Massive shout out to Tom, our group car renter and driver for handling logistics on all our group international adventures, to date. 

Dropped our bags and headed off for our first Icelandic meal at Cafe Loki. I had meat soup and smoked lamb on rye (so, so yummy). The husbands leaned all the way in and had a traditional Icelandic fish platter and loved it all except the fermented shark, which I hilariously captured on video. The rye ice cream is worth saving room for. Trust.

Hallgrimskirkja Church

(not pictured): Gullfoss waterfall -- massive. Jess and I didn't see it up close because both kids were mid-multi-hour meltdown in the car and we literally had no energy to care. #makeitstop

One night we stumbled upon Chuck Norris Grill where the husbands accidentally ordered a $40 shot. Each.

Braud and Co: I have VIVID dreams about their cinnamon rolls. Coupled with coffee from Reykjavik Roasters, 100% worth making two stops on foot solo to source these gems. The best cinnamon roll I've ever had, in my whole life.

Thingvellir National Park

Strokkur Geyser

Mamas only afternoon. Lunch at Sandholt Bakery and shopping. Foa Iceland has THE cutest finds. 

Bringing our babies (including in utero Lily!), to a bar.

Reynisfjara Beach 

Gazing out over the country from our farmhouse at 10 o'clock, at night. 

We heard about hidden hot springs and set off in search until we stumbled upon a river flowing fast and furious that we'd have to traverse on foot. The moms and babies went back to the car and took loads of selfies in the warmth while the dads forged on.

Skogafoss waterfall

In yet another culinary taste test, the dads tried whale and puffer. #no



Got back to our car (in the pouring rain, no less) and it wouldn't start. Photo or it didn't happen.

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