Holidays, 2017

Nov 1, 2019

Full disclosure, this is my friend Susan's Christmas tree (from her v swanky adult dinner party) which far surpasses any feeble efforts I'll ever make. 

This post has been giving me side-eye for the better part of TWO YEARS. Below is my feeble attempt sans photos to recreate the holidays for posterity, circa 2017. 

A (few!) Memories from 2017:

We're having a baby! {announcement} - spoiler, it's a boy! His name is Asher.

I changed careers! 

My mom hosted Thanksgiving in STL

Celebrated our anniversary with dinner at the Mad Crab and the Leslie Odom concert

MoBot garden glow with the Panagopolous and Catalfamo families

Grandma and Owen had breakfast with Santa

Spent a few days in working in (see also, new career!) Chicago leading up to Christmas wherein Owen vomited all over our hotel room upon settling into our room

Celebrated Christmas in Princeton

Kid-friendly NYE party at the Vegas house; NYD brunch at Katie Pizza with Annelise

holidays: 2013//2014//2015//2016

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