We’re Moving

Dec 2, 2019

We're moving to Germany!

Pinch me.

Mark has accepted a temporary work assignment and we could not be prouder of his determination to make this dream of his come to fruition. Our desire to spend extended time abroad has always been on the table from the start of our courtship, so when the chance for it to become a reality (finally!) arose, we pounced. We depart in March 2020 and plan to return to St. Louis at the term of the assignment. 

We are furiously navigating the sheer volume and logistics of all the moving parts (our brains are currently exploded) and consider ourselves incredibly grateful for this opportunity. As each day passes we grow more excited (and a bit overwhelmed) for our chance to immerse into a new country and language together and look forward to the incredible memories our family will create.


  1. How wonderful. I look forward to future posts about living abroad! What an exciting move


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