My Goals for 2020

Jan 29, 2020

The act of reflection on the past year and setting intentions for the new one is extremely therapeutic to me. Creating the time and space to allow my mind to travel across the previous year via highlight reel (bonus points if I do so with photos) is so meaningful, especially now that I have children and strive to remember each memory as they just occurred.  Which is impossible, but a girl can dream.

A few years have elapsed since I participated and documented in this exercise and to say that I'm am elated to flex my brain in this way again is a heady understatement. 

  • Mindful eating, taking care not to overburden my digestive system, no matter how yummy the meal
  • Prioritize exercise; no one will protect my time, except me - schedule workouts and set an alarm (or two!)
  • Practice patience and calm in parenting and in my marriage - count to "10" before reacting
  • Work to soften my “tone”, especially in moments of frustration
  • Learn (and practice!) German
  • Remove sticking points to streamline everyday tasks
  • Wear retainers nightly
  • Make a concerted effort to whiten teeth (strips, baking soda, etc.)
  • Utilize eye cream during day and evening face routines

Looking back: past resolutions

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