Forty Two Thirty Seven

Feb 3, 2020

Our story began, here. 

On our first date(s), those quiet neighborhood streets provided the backdrop to our conversations.

It became the first home that we shared, together. {moving in together}

We walked to Tower Grove Park on an unseasonably warm day of November 2014 with our families and returned as man and wife. {our wedding}

Our children. All of their first memories are here, including a height chart written in sharpie on the nursery wall. And countless laps run on each square foot.{birth stories: Owen + Asher}

Countless gatherings, both informal and themed. 

For all of these reasons and a million more, I will always remember you. 

Design Consultant: Meagan Givens, M. Interiors
Realtor: Britt Bauer, Garcia Properties 


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