Jul 21, 2020

The above photo is a collection of books from our collection that we have been reading to the boys while having some frank, age appropriate conversations about the current state of the world. If you know of any additional culturally rich titles, please share!

The Montessori Toddler - found comfort in this read as I embarked on life at home with the boys. The organization tips are top notch.

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone - deep, thought provoking read recommended by my sister and I gotta say, it was fantastic. 

Life Admin - invisible labor is real and can sometimes feel all consuming. In addition to tangible takeaways, it gave me comfort. And validation. 

The Home Edit - organizing, galore.
Killing Eve: Die For Me - I have SO many thoughts. Perhaps because I was reading this in tandem with the TV shows third season? If you'd like to compare thoughts on it all, holla at your girl.

In Five Years - I was not emotionally prepared for this book, and sped through voraciously whilst sobbing. 

Winter Garden - another emotion filled read about relationships and that there is always more to someone's story.

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