#PipersPCS: Farewell Play-Date

Apr 27, 2020

Living that nomad life (we sold our house! After FOUR days on the market!!) AND being a mere fifteen days away from moving 4,500 miles away {moving announcement} didn’t deter us from having a going away play date for the boys (and January Cookbook Club before we closed on the house). 

We opted for a super casual inflatable party (as a bonus, the concession had sold beer/wine for the parents) and invited all the boys friends and classmates to play. Owen took full advantage of the fiesta, dubbing it HIS party and posting up on the (inflatable) throne. Asher was content to be carried around by our neighbor Sofia and leaning in, hard to the chocolate cupcakes only.

My super talented photographer friend Lauren (right) surprised us by capturing shots throughout the party and even made a special trip to take photos of our favorite local fire station! 

The party package came with initiations, so I DIY’ed one side (photo above, type A for life), ordered airplane balloons (in the middle of a helium crisis, again) for decor, enough Jet’s pizza to feed a football team, and cupcakes from Sam's Club (bonus points if you get whipped icing).  For party favors, I purchased postcards, then stamped and addressed them as a invitation to stay in touch (and share our new address!) with stateside friends and family. 

We couldn't have asked for a better send-off. 

Next stop, Germany!

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