Hotel, Motel: That Nomad Life

Jul 9, 2020

Memorable moments during our transitional time while PCS'ing, lovingly referred to (by me) as - that nomad life.

the process of culling, organizing and packing up our home in preparation to move. Part therapeutic, part maddening

the six paged (and counting) google doc that kept us organized thru each stage of our PCS

frantically packing our suitcases for the next few months as our packers/movers moved to our rooms far quicker than anticipated

watching the boys run circles around each now empty room

the feeling of completion watching all the to do items on our house list be completed (WHY did we not do them sooner?!)

Grandma's House

moving into my childhood home, and feeling immediately comfortable

bathing my children in the same tub my siblings and I did

watching the boys bounding from cushion to cushion in the living room, knowing full well we weren't allowed to do that as kids #grandmashouse

grateful for a fully stocked playroom (one less thing to pack!)

Asher’s first haircut!

proving to my mother that no matter when I am, Amazon deliveries will follow

rearranging the kitchen cabinets with my baby sister, Jaleesa

standing on the porch in anticipation of a delivery, giving the driver turn-by-turn directions because they always get turned around on her street

the bellman bringing up fresh baked cookies for the boys 

walking to some of our favorite spots in Forest Park

watching the boys running amok in the (empty) rooftop ballrooms

exploring the CWE on foot

spending hours in the Schlafly library children's section

workouts in the hotel gym

coffee and play-dates galore!

dinner in our hotel dining room {travel highchair}

not having to make a bed(!)

loading up the stroller for a day in the city

Asher climbing into the coffee table like a jungle gym seconds after we entered our room

the pool!

setting off on foot exploring our new city

waiting 3 hours for pizza delivery #covid19

evacuating the hotel one night amid firetrucks (false alarm, someone was smoking in their room and set off the alarms)

room service for Owen's birthday

welcome basket of fresh fruit

consuming all the in room coffee at an alarming rate, and constantly requesting extra #jetlag

being one of the last guests the hotel hosted before they shutdown amid the pandemic

daily milschkaffee from the coffeehouse across the street

front desk staff/angels printing the ENTIRE German driving handbook in order for me to study

eating meals huddled around the kids play table (and being eternally grateful our express shipment met us in country so we have some additional touches of home to make our stay cozy)

the gorgeous antique furniture in our room

blackout shades #jetlag

filling our mini fridge with food and snacks as COVID-19 began to worsen

hand sanitizer, everywhere

Two+ months after we moved out of our house on Botanical, ten days after arriving in country and three tours later (one had a pool! one had deaths staircases!), we are - HOME.

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