Monday Musings

Aug 16, 2020

This post is coming to you bleary eyed and chugging caffeine, thanks to a certain two year old rising at 5:30a. The heatwave we've been on seems to finally/hopefully be coming to an end - first summer sans central AC and let me tell you, my mood got DARK once temps hit 95. Here's hopinhg/praying cooler temps (and breezes!) are on the horizon.

  1. Listened to the eight-part series about Indian Nation, This Land and three-part deep dive into the VP selection process, That's The Ticket on our drive to Amsterdam. 
  2. Virtual cookout? Count me in. Already (mentally) planning our Juneteenth celebration for next year. 
  3. On parenting and COVID
  4. Listening to the soundtrack to Work It and Folklore (especially "Exile"), on repeat.
  5. Looking forward to seeing Love In The Time of Corona because, Leslie Odom Jr.
  6. Officially addicted to stroopfel waffles. There's no turning back now. I'm in too deep. Already curating a list of my favorite brands.
  7. Watching: finished Greenleaf (series finale did not disappoint), The New Girl (which is better than Friends), Murder In The First.  Watched the first season of Insatiable before throwing in the towel. Picked up 24 and am about halfway thru season 2.
  8. Sad, yet fascinating tale, The Electric Pencil. (shout out to Susan for sharing!)
  9. On the history and allure of Boy Bands.
  10. Researching: remote learning. Being wait listed for Pre-School + COVID has me researching learning activities for O this fall. I'm terrified and excited.  

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