Fitness Journal: Jan - Sept

Oct 6, 2020

hills, everywhere

post swim

2020 has not been short on change - I see you international move + racial unrest + global pandemic + constant change. And despite ringing in the New Year violently ill alongside one of my offspring, I'm praying 2020 will turn around, it can't rain forever, right?!

Read my intentions for 2020, HERE.

Cancelled Tracy Anderson streaming, opting to complete Abcentric Continuity not only for the financial savings, but also the time commitment. Carving out 30 (mostly) uninterrupted moments to myself each day has made me more consistent. Bless.

My self-care got a bit lost in the shuffle with the move and my transition away from full time work outside the home, and I've found I need to constantly adapt and remind myself that no one is going to protect and prioritize my self care except for me and that people will take as much as you are willing to give. In light of that, I've swapped my nap time workouts for the evening once Mark is off work and now spend that once rushed time in silence, doing anything or nothing, and it has reaped me many a reward mentally and emotionally. 

Throughout the logistics of our move(s) our weight began to creep as we reached for conveniences over substance. Then, upon touching down in Germany (read about our move, HERE), it has become my life's goal to taste-test EVERYTHING at an alarming rate. You name it, I've consumed it and damn was it delightful #noregrets. As I type, Mark and I are halfway through the Whole30 - it has been a welcome reset to our eating habits, and we can both feel and see results substantial enough to press forward beyond the 30 days, now headed for our stretch goals that are within striking distance.

I got a new bike!

Diastasi Recti/Core PT exercises

Making core/diastasis recti conditioning a priority has improved my back/hip pain tremendously. I also bought a knee pillow on a whim and it has been clutch for my slumber - waking up sans back/hip pain? Yes, PLEASE.

In addition to Tracy Anderson, I've been enjoying walking, the occasional run, 305 fitness videos, 5 minute arms, and Cosmic Kids Yoga with the boys.

we live in wine country!

Lastly, I got an apple watch! It's been handy upgrade from my Fitbit (which I loved and recommend) - the mediation reminders (goal: 3 x's daily), competitions among friends (friend me!), utilizing my phone from the watch and touch-less payments have been super helpful. 

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