Loufest, 2017

Nov 20, 2017

Have baby, will ROCK. 

We went up north earlier in the week to celebrate Mark's grandfathers 97(!!) birthday and left ourselves essentially enough time to park at home, call a taxi (uber/lyft won't let you ride sans car seat) and replenish the diaper bag.  

We got about 4 blocks away before realizing I forgot hearing protection for Owen, thus having to run back home (on foot!) to grab them. We spent the better part of two days playing the on/off game with them...

In the end rushing about was totally worth -- Huey Lewis and the News {lineup} were sooooo good.

Loukidz was FANTASTIC. I didn't have large expectations since Owen was young but devoured a piece of humble pie because -- so much fun.  

Most notable moment: Owen walking over to the drum instructor, sitting on the toadstool like a big kid with zero inhibitions and KILLING IT.  Biased yes, but the kid was awesome.  I'll send video proof. 

Nosh Pit options, yet again were fruitful -- skipping anything of nutritional value I opted for a hot dog, covered in mac and cheese, topped with bacon #noregrets.

Pro Tip: bring a picnic blanket. Light enough to toss in the stroller without having to sit in the grass/on the concrete.

Until next year Loufest!


Uno, DOS!

Nov 18, 2017

We are delighted to share that Owen is going to be a BIG BROTHER!  He obviously has no clue/zero cares about this fact (for now). 

My super pinterest-esque baby announcement to Mark was somewhere along the lines of walking into the room and stating "guess who's knocked up". If you recall from last time, he was super bummed we didn't find out together, so I retook a test for him -- watching him read the instructions and see the two pink lines was pretty darn cute.

eight week ultrasound
The first trimester knocked me da fuq out, and I'm slowly wading my way back to the living. Mercifully, I haven't been as sick as I was with Owen so, miracles do come true, if you just believe. My uterus has impeccable muscle memory, so the maternity clothes have already made their debut -- I went from "she looks a little chubby" to "how many babies are in there?!" with the quickness.  For the record, I am currently gestating one fetus, and I'm due May 2018.

We both really enjoyed the delivery room surprise, so time will only tell if this sweet baby will be a lady or a gentleman. I've already started my previously fruitful daily/hourly prayer for a "good sleeper", in case anyone is curious which way I'm leaning.

Owen's announcement

Best of Summer: Week Nine

Sep 22, 2017

places to see, things to do

farewell dinner and  Cardinals game

farm, meet table
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