Here We Go Again! Postpartum Fitness: Take, Two

Feb 18, 2019

Once I felt semi non-zombie like after Asher was born {birth story} I bought Shred415's shred the bump package (I'd gone to classes previously with ClassPass and loved them), which consisted of 3 months, unlimited classes. And while returning to exercise postpartum is an uphill journey, I challenged myself to attend classes every day if possible to fully maximize results, regain self-esteem and, get my money worth.

October: 10/12 days

20 Back on the deks and treads! average speed 5.8, highest speed 6.4, highest incline 4%

21 Ran 5 minutes without stopping. Endurance levels feel nonexistent. Meal prepped like a boss.

23 Ann! She makes you push to be your best self just when I need it

24 took it easy on the treadmill

26 bands = muscles firing 

30 60s at 8% incline, ouch

November: 20/30 days

4 started Whole30

11 Owen goes to his first kid's lounge and LOVED it!

12 Shred + yoga (45min)

13  Shred during lunch

14 Shred + Hip Hop Dance Class

15 snow day; rest 

16 1/2 class missed due to traffic, but I went. Wicked awesome 90's playlist

18 rest - 30 days in and have worked out 25/30 days, whoop whoop!

19 Shred (manual mode on the treadmill!) + Yoga (45min)

20 Finally feeling like I can almost keep up.  Almost.

22 Turkey Trot 8k! (1:01:03) - trained for solely via Shred classes

26 Owen and Asher hit up the kid lounge whilst I get my shred on

27 overslept; rest

28 travel day (Chicago); rest 

29 A quick run on the hotel treadmill

December: 15/31 days

2 sick; rest

4 topped out at 8.2 mph!

7 sick; rest 

9 Shred with bands...

11 Shred with bands - yowza.

13 Made it to class on time for once!!

17 Yoga 

19 Holiday Lights run with Annelise

29 Shred; Owen kids lounge - mama/son date to Starbucks afterward

30 Orangetheory with Angie

My 3-month package ended and I felt some significant gains both endurance and self-esteem wise, so I am now keeping an unlimited class membership on a month-to-month basis to reach the remainder of my goals and continue to foster a space for me to decompress mentally. Caring for tiny humans is both unrelenting and wonderful, and over the past almost three years as a mother, have found for me to be my best self, I need to carve out time just for me. And if that means waking up at 4:30-5a to get in a workout, so be it. 

January: 13/31 days

1 Small class, did all the things


5 sick; rest

6 sick; planks 30s

9 travel day (Chicago); rest

10 walk Chicago

11 walk Chicago

12 Tracy Anderson Method Express: Abs w/ Owen

14 8.0 mph!

22 went to wrong (earlier) class. Facepalm.

26 rolling hills

30 was -1 degree when leaving for class

London Called

Feb 11, 2019

Once our train arrived into Kings Cross we freshened up (the restroom costs 30p?!) and I made the quickest stop at platform 9 3/4 to grab a Gryffindor magnet, only to realize once I got home (to the states, facepalm) I bought Hufflepuff.

Anytime is snack time, just grab your lunchbox and plop down on the floor.

Pro Tip: This lunchbox is TSA friendly (be sure it is frozen)

Recreating our elevator selfie, circa 2014 

I took my baby, to a bar. Ok, we sat outside, but still.  
Euston Tap is hip and bustling and the people watching was magic.

Costa coffee has the yummiest blueberry muffins.

Toddling through the British Museum like he owned the place, which technically was true. We arrived not long after they opened and it was glorious.

We had one day solo (we were in London two days total), so after the British Museum we took a double-decker bus to the Tower Bridge, walked to Borough Market, Piccadilly Circus, and Chinatown grabbing carry-out from Lotus Garden and held a picnic in the middle of the living room floor before passing out from satiated exhaustion. 

Stockpiling pouches, like a boss

Hands down, my favorite culinary experience was Borough Market. As we descended the stairs and were wafted by aromas straight from heaven, I knew we had arrived.  And I proceeded to buy and inhale all the foods. 

Parenting win: rolling your entire stroller into the cab, whilst your toddler slumbers.  We need these in the states.  NEED.

Of note: Gatwick had a separate TSA line for families (along with helpful tips on their webiste) which was super helpful.

Next stop, Iceland!

Asher: Month, Seven

Feb 4, 2019

Happiest baby in all the land. 

Biggest Milestone: Sits unassisted!

Hardest Challenge: Teething, yowza. The bottom two front teeth are making a dual appearance, s-l-o-w-l-y. 

Most Memorable Moment: Said "dada" and "mama" - no comment on which he said first. Is it too much to ask since I am the one who gave birth?! #sixteenhoursoflabor

Longest Stretch of Sleep: no change since last month. 

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