Working on My Postpartum Fitness: July

Aug 18, 2017

1 morning walk to Botanical Gardens
2 rest
3 yoga (10min)
4 rest; Webster Independence Day Parade
5 rest
6 FabFitFun ab blast (Shannon Shape)
7 rest
8 speed play
9 rest
10 Tracy Anderson Method Express: upper body
11 rest
12 rest
13 rest
14 rest
15 speed play
16 30s x 2: planks f/r/l, plank windshield wipers, plank jacks
17 rest; start W30
18 rest
19 (rest
20 fartleks 20min in 104 degree heat, which counts as two workouts, no?
21 rest
22 rest
23 yoga in the vineyard
24 rest
25 rest; pulled muscle in back
26 rest
27 rest
28 rest
29 yoga in the park
30 rest
31 15x2 crossover kickback, crossover glue bridge, fire hydrant circles (both directions), glare bridge marching, plank 30s f/s/s

Best Of Summer 2017: Week Five

Aug 16, 2017

sister bonding time replete with dinner

yoga (and brunch) at the vineyard

midday solo freetime(!!)

meanwhile, across town -- the dads took the boys to a bar. 
Shenanigans ensued.

midweek dinner and a movie (Girls Trip) with my best gal pal

Monday Musings

Aug 14, 2017

Grab button for mm

  1. These playhouse creations almost tempt me to try.  Almost. Update: I bought a play kitchen and have been testing paint swatches...
  2. Sharenting
  3. Hoping I'll have the patience to create buttercream roses, soon.
  4. Lusting over the new Ikea catalog, like I coveted the J.C. Penny Christmas catalog as a child.
  5. Ready.
  6. I fervently believe; THESE are the days.
  7. A new, 10 minute a day exercise to combat diastasis recti
  8. Contemplating a road trip to this library, because WOW.
  9. Mom goals.
  10. This children's library is what literary dreams are made of.
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