Monday Musings

Jan 8, 2018

Grab button for mm

Hi friends! It's almost difficult to comprehend I haven't posted a MM since August. Of 2017. So much has happened since August and I cannot wait to share it all with you. I'm coming into this New Year with so much joy for the months/year to come, and gratitude for all the lessons and memories in 2017. Here's hoping you are your loved ones are well, and I cannot fully express my gratitude for you visiting this space.  

  1. I can feel the baby kick externally!!! Not quite strong enough for others to notice, but -- I feel those flips and kicks, wee one.
  2. Tempted to try my hand at these chocolate chip shortbread cookies.
  3. The frigid Midwest winter has left our (unfinished) basement a warm haven. Mouse count, 4.   
  4. New Years Day was spent in our pajamas, mildly productive and huddled home together. Living our best life.
  5. I invested in a camera and had an introductory class this past weekend that has me excited and a bit overwhelmed.  
  6. New-to-Me: Taco Buddha.  Verdict? I'll be back, soon.
  7. After much of contemplation, prayer, and if I'm being honest a total emotional meltdown, I parted ways with the company I worked at for 12 years. To date, it has been one of the hardest decision of my adult life. 
  8. I began a new job a few months later and it has been such a blessing. Taking that leap with out a net was terrifying, but 100% worth it. Bonus, I LOVE it and the two months I spent with Owen were incredible.
  9. My friend Jess moved back to STL and just had a her second baby! It is such a treat gestating with friends and watching our children grow together.
  10. Guys, I finally got a robotic vacuum.  With a kid (almost two) and two dogs it was either that, my sanity, or a maid. Best purchase of 2018 thus far.  Her name is Alice, and she's a dream.
  11. Saw Leslie Odom Jr. (I adored him in Smash) last month and just got the Hamilton cast recording from the library.  I may actually be tempted to see a historical musical.  Might.
  12. Owen has taken to selfies and its hysterical scrolling through my camera roll to see what the heck he's been up to. 
  13. We listened to Dirty John on the drive to Chicago last month and -- so.intense.
  14. Speaking of podcasts, I bought a Bluetooth speaker for my office and have been devouring podcasts, my latest favorite: Bon Appetit. Peeked at this list and already have a few new ones to try. 
  15. How have I never tried Sanpellegrino? Also, why is it 140 calories a can?!

Fitness: Sept - Dec

Jan 3, 2018

This photo is from my friends wedding at the end of August, and probably the last time I broke a legitimate  (albeit pinot grigio induced) sweat. In an act of sheer genius/desperation, I enrolled in prenatal yoga much earlier this time around, not only for the one-on-one time with this sweet babe, but to put my rarely used (unless lifting/toting a 30lb toddler counts) muscles to work again. Here's hoping now that the first trimester fatigue is ever so slowly lifting I can get back to it because labor is a marathon, not a sprint -- and I'm going to need all the help I can get.

1 hot yoga (60mins)
3 walk 1.5hr forest park
4 walk 2hr creve coeur park
5 walk 2.18mi a tower grove park
8 walk 1hr Princeton
9 rest; Loufest (positive pregnancy test!!)
14 push ups, planks, wall sits
16 bike 4.83mi (with our new bike trailer! Owen was less than enthused and fell asleep)
27 tracy anderson method express legs

15 tracy anderson method express upper body
25 prenatal yoga

1 prenatal yoga
2 KB swings x 25
4 10 push ups, 30 KB pull ups
5 walk to coffee with family
6 curtsy lunges x10
8 prenatal yoga (90 mins)
9 yoga (45 mins)
18 walk to get turducken croissants, in the pouring rain #priorities
23 speed play
27 side squat + curl x24, reverse lunge high knee with press x20, curtesy lunges x30
29 prenatal yoga

1 50 KB swings
6 prenatal yoga
13 prenatal yoga
15 rest; Garden Glow
27 prenatal yoga

In Defense Of: The Dot Journal

Dec 13, 2017

I've resisted Dot Journaling simply because I assumed it would lock me into a proverbial box and throw away the key to my "artistic bliss" (read: unwavering OCD), but I can firmly attest that is certainly not the case. Dot Journaling truly is whatever you want it to be -- the book is a breeze jam packed with handy tips, creative layouts and ideas for literally all the lists floating around in your head.

Early into this endeavor I learned to throw caution to the wind and just try it, and not stress (too much) over crooked lines, bleeding pens and bad penmanship. For my first journal, I used a adorable notebook full of photos I had created on Shutterfly months ago and promptly forgot about it.  Over the next week I took my journal with me everywhere (as evident by the blurred out pages numbers thanks to a rogue blueberry in my handbag) and really took care in crafting a journal that would a) address my needs b) I wouldn't wholly abandon before the ink dried.

After that trial, I learned I rely heavily on the alarm reminders on my phone and thus re-focused my journal as a touch stone to live on my bedside, where I could (ideally) unwind from my day and jot down a few notes and memorable moments along the way. A good friend (Hi C!) journals a sentence each night with her husband which is so lovely and what I aspire to.

Do you Dot/Bullet Journal? If so, share your favorite tips/tricks!
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