Bookshelf, As Of Late

Mar 16, 2018

Lady Pancake And Sir French Toast -- adorable children's book from the library I loved so much it's on my wish list.

Skin Cleanse -- skimmed. Neat DIY natural beauty tips. Looking forward to trying the toothpaste and lip scrub.

Crazy Rich Asians -- the family tree is daunting at first, but it is so good you don't even mind.  Excited to read the next in the series.

Oh Crap -- it's official, we are potty training! I'll dedicate a post to my full thoughts on the process so far, but this book was helpful and broken into manageable chapters on each topic.

Siblings Without Rivalry -- fascinating read on siblings. As the eldest, I have some different memories on this than my sisters and it was really neat to have a peek into various perspectives and family dynamics.

Little Book Of Skincare -- Korean beauty manual. Currently on day 2 testing out the 10-step skincare regime. Fear not, I'll wax poetically in full detail about my thoughts at some point.

Still Me -- 3rd book in the Me Before You series. Books, ranked by favorite: 1, 3, 2 

Ninja -- another library gem that Owen requests multiple times a day. We all have it pretty much memorized, less than a week in...

Read any good books lately? If so, do share!

The Business Of Being Knocked Up, (Bebe' Dos): First Trimester

Mar 14, 2018

Eleven Weeks
I started typing this post around 20 weeks, if that is any indication of the whirlwind that is starting a new career, wrangling a toddler, and the like #secondchildproblems. The fatigue fog (so.much.fatigue) slowly lifted, fibroid's are behaving themselves/a non-issue this go round and mercifully, less morning sickness -- hallelujah! 

In case you missed it, our pregnancy announcement

I’d be lying if I said that there wasn't a certain level of disbelief seeing the positive pregnancy test, and we were trying which makes it that much funnier to me.  I guess you see so many negative tests you decide before you read the results this isn’t the month.  But it was!

Six Weeks


No aversions to smell! All carbs, all the time. Coffee is a strong -- hell nah. Like last time, meal prep is futile and take out based on how I felt that day, for the win.  See also, my checkbook was hit, hard.


Hahahahaha. The workouts I managed to make time for/survive, here.  I follow Good for the Swole on Instagram and subsequently purchased her pregnancy workout guide.  Stay, tuned.

Total weight gain: lost 1lb

Fourteen Weeks
Surprises about being pregnant

The usual suspects returned: cramps, uncontrollable flatulence, constant urinating, bile rising (though "less" this time), digestive issues and accompanying paranoia/anxiety that is gestating.

NEW this time: A sinus infection that would never end. Also, I'm always freezing. Fatigue is at a new level I never knew existed

Bought anything: no

Calls to my OB: 3 effing sinus infections


week 4: POSITIVE!!! Went to Loufest.

week 5: Our. First. Photo.

week 7: And, I'm down for the count.  Dreaming of watermelon and Jolly Llama popsicles.

week 8: David Gray/Allison Kraus concert!

week 10: Kicked that AWFUL sinus infection, finally.  Thank you, Allegra D. 

week 11: 1st prenatal yoga class.

week 12: So emotional! Le' tired. Famished. Grossed out. Finished.  ALWAYS cold. Also, I started a new job!!!

First trimester, Owen

Photo {and Video!} Diary: Boston

Mar 8, 2018



He had fun at the aquarium, promise



The brothers Piper and their offspring

Dinner from the farm garden

Last August Mark had a conference in Boston so Owen and I made the executive decision to tag along, seeing as we'd both never been -- plus Mark's brother and his family live there as well. That is what you call, destiny my friends. Or, "Marcia needs nary an excuse to vacation". Whichever. Owen and I spent the first few days meandering the streets of Boston -- in search of cannoli's and a good time, then spent the weekend in the suburbs on our family's farm.

Side note: if you are ever near Westford, go visit The Maker Farm! My sister-in-law, Emily created the entire farm experience and hosts the coolest classes/camps/parties for kids and adults.

We stayed at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront and walked as much as humanly possible, save for an overzealous jaunt across town by foot followed by the realization Uber only offers car seats in certain cities (hint: not Boston) thus walking the additional two miles (after I'd already hoofed it at least three leading up to that point). I regretted not wearing my Garmin (or better shoes) so much that day...

Eat  + Drink
Boston Chowda inside Faneuil Hall -- lobster. bisque.

George Howell Coffee -- robust coffee and yummy baked goods.  Granted Owen devoured 2/3 of our shared blueberry muffin, so I'm just going by the speed of (his) consumption.

B and G Oyster -- lobster roll with a crisp glass of rose' whilst my toddler napped.  HEAVEN.

South End Buttery 

Legal Sea Food -- lobster bisque for me, cheese ravioli (fish shaped!) for Owen

Mike's Pastry (North End)-- worth the walk, in the rain, to procure (pro tip: cash only, thankfully there is an ATM across the street). Mark thought they were too big. I'm scheduling his doctors appointment, asap.

Haut Coffee (Concord) 

Of note: my favorite meal from the trip was a bountiful vegetarian feast on our family's farm picked fresh from their garden moments before it was prepared. 

See + Do
Boston Public Garden -- idyllic, tranquil place where we could have easily spent the day on a picnic blanket (summertime diaper bag staple!), watching the ducks.  We read Make Way For Ducklings in preparation and Owen loved chasing them.

Faneuil Hall -- food, shopping and history.  What more could you ask for?!

New England Aquarium -- tops my aquarium list, to date. The layout is effortless conducive for stroller/toddler browsing with a massive ramp encircling the tank.

Plum Island -- the kids never wanted to leave, despite the water being positively frigid.

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