Owen, Says

Jan 16, 2019

Me: {hands Owen bowl of dry cereal}
O: "I want cereal"

Me: "This is cereal"
O: "No it’s not, there’s no milk in it"

"I tooted outta my butt"

{while riding in the car} "Mom, go!"

{also while riding in the car} "Mom, slow down!"

"But I’m your best friend" {when Mark tried to leave the house}

{in disbelief/horror} "Mom, where’s your penis?"

{when someone refers to him as a big kid} "I not a big kid, I’m a big boy!"

{as he steals a toy Asher is very much playing with} "Asher doesn't want this toy."

Snapshots: Week 1

Jan 10, 2019

Bookshelf, As of Late

Jan 7, 2019

Resident toddler current favorite: Firetrucks

Balancing in Heels - spunky, candid read. Her show on E! is good too

Rich People Problems and China Rich Girlfriend - like the other books in this series (and the movie!), I could not put it down.

Surprise Me - fresh, funny read

True Roots - easy, delicious recipes.   

Whole30 Cookbook - added some seriously yummy W30 options to my arsenal

Magnolia Table - approachable comfort food.

Together: Our Community Cookbook - we had the Eggplant and Chicken Marbella for Christmas and it was incredible.
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