Working On My Gestating Fitness: January

Feb 23, 2018

 Making time to squeeze in a workout, even if it was only 10 minutes totally helped this month.  In addition, I've been wearing my Garmin (let's connect! @marciaelise) in an effort to rack up any form of physical exercise. It also doesn't hurt that Owen loves to workout with me (albeit, he steals my weights and wants to use me as a jungle gym) -- mental note, video him doing squats.  Cutest thing, ever.

1 Good for the Swole (Instagram) Pregnancy -- two rounds; plank 30s, walking lunges x20, side plank 30s, squat press w/ weights x15

3 Prenatal Yoga

9 20 min walk

10 15 min walk

11 Cupcakes and Cashmere -- 2 rounds 

14 Mama and me yoga (45 mins)

16 KB swings, goblet squats, KB pull ups (25 each)

17 20 min walk 

25 Yoga (at work) 45 mins

27 1.82 mile walk 

31 TAM Pregnancy Project (month six) arms

To The Window, To The Photowall

Feb 14, 2018

I don't need to tell you that after we refreshed the paint in our bathroom we promptly left the walls bare.

Until now.

Enter, Photowall.  As Swedish company with an eye for design and the final piece in to our very bare puzzle.

After some serious debate, I decided on a gorgeous custom 36x30 color canvas print of the Quebec skyline commemorating our honeymoon. The vivid colors of the canvas would add a much needed pop of color to  the stark contrast of our black and white space.

It arrived in manageable pieces for easy-peasy assembly (sans tools!) with detailed instruction -- toddler supervision cost extra.

Not gonna lie, I was pleasantly surprised I measured the space properly (pats self on back).

The print is such a lovely nod to our time in Quebec and infuses just the right does of vibrancy into the room. I cannot sing enough praise worthy of the quality and service they provided.

And, because they are uber generous, Photowall (Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest ) is giving Y29 readers the opportunity to freshen their space -- 20% off with code: Y29Campaign2018 

What are you waiting for?

Owen: Twelve and Eighteen Months

Jan 25, 2018

Where to even begin?! 

Your verbal skills cease to amaze us -- you find such joy testing out new words (rhinoceros) and utilizing old favorites (mama, papa, NO). Your clothing usually resembles a Rorschach of the days meals, and I find it oddly comforting to try and figure out what you ate at school (in lieu of actually reading the menu). Adores Miles and Rubin. Of late, Rubin has lowered her guard and allows you to Elvira hug her which surely terrifies the poor gal but, she's a great sport. Miles is always one step behind you because, dropped food. Sings the ABC's and can count to ten. Has no interest in my Pinterest hack of magnetic letters and a cookie sheet, unless you count throwing them across the room. Can traverse up the stairs and semi assisted down. The inane ability of kissing you when he wants something on the brink of naughty in an attempt to throw you off. Dancing and bubbles are continued favorites, along with insisting upon reading books ad nauseum -- here's looking at you Rubbadubbers, This Is Not My Hat, Roar and The Night Parade. Insists upon brushing his teeth with an electric toothbrush like mama and papa

Biggest Milestone: Walking! Running! 

Hardest Challenge:  Climbing on, EVERYTHING. Putting his face(!) and hands in the dog bowls. Deciphering toddler gibberish before a tantrum ensues.

Most Memorable Moment: First family vacation to England and Iceland. "Blowing his nose". Giving mama a black eye...

Food: Vacillates between voracious eater and only consuming yogurt or corn, for a meal.

 naps once a day for 2-2.5 hours

Favorite Photo: 


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