In Defense Of: The Dot Journal

Dec 13, 2017

I've resisted Dot Journaling simply because I assumed it would lock me into a proverbial box and throw away the key to my "artistic bliss" (read: unwavering OCD), but I can firmly attest that is certainly not the case. Dot Journaling truly is whatever you want it to be -- the book is a breeze jam packed with handy tips, creative layouts and ideas for literally all the lists floating around in your head.

Early into this endeavor I learned to throw caution to the wind and just try it, and not stress (too much) over crooked lines, bleeding pens and bad penmanship. For my first journal, I used a adorable notebook full of photos I had created on Shutterfly months ago and promptly forgot about it.  Over the next week I took my journal with me everywhere (as evident by the blurred out pages numbers thanks to a rogue blueberry in my handbag) and really took care in crafting a journal that would a) address my needs b) I wouldn't wholly abandon before the ink dried.

After that trial, I learned I rely heavily on the alarm reminders on my phone and thus re-focused my journal as a touch stone to live on my bedside, where I could (ideally) unwind from my day and jot down a few notes and memorable moments along the way. A good friend (Hi C!) journals a sentence each night with her husband which is so lovely and what I aspire to.

Do you Dot/Bullet Journal? If so, share your favorite tips/tricks!

Photo Diary: Pumpkin Patch

Dec 11, 2017

We spent the morning with friends at Braeutigam Orchards, it was near impossible to choose, there were so many gorgeous colors to choose from! The farm animals were so sweet, and the kid play are was a huge hit.  

Most memorable moment? Apple cider doughnuts, obviously.

Loufest, 2017

Nov 20, 2017

Have baby, will ROCK. 

We went up north earlier in the week to celebrate Mark's grandfathers 97(!!) birthday and left ourselves essentially enough time to park at home, call a taxi (uber/lyft won't let you ride sans car seat) and replenish the diaper bag.  

We got about 4 blocks away before realizing I forgot hearing protection for Owen, thus having to run back home (on foot!) to grab them. We spent the better part of two days playing the on/off game with them...

In the end rushing about was totally worth -- Huey Lewis and the News {lineup} were sooooo good.

Loukidz was FANTASTIC. I didn't have large expectations since Owen was young but devoured a piece of humble pie because -- so much fun.  

Most notable moment: Owen walking over to the drum instructor, sitting on the toadstool like a big kid with zero inhibitions and KILLING IT.  Biased yes, but the kid was awesome.  I'll send video proof. 

Nosh Pit options, yet again were fruitful -- skipping anything of nutritional value I opted for a hot dog, covered in mac and cheese, topped with bacon #noregrets.

Pro Tip: bring a picnic blanket. Light enough to toss in the stroller without having to sit in the grass/on the concrete.

Until next year Loufest!


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