Owen, Says

Jun 24, 2019

When told he needed to undress to check his tummy at the pediatrician's office
(lifts shirt and inspects tummy) “it’s fine”

when I merged into traffic (after I explained why I was waving)
"Wait! Let my mom get in front of you!" and "Mom, are we racing?"

Ashers got a penis, daddy got a penis....

When asked to come to brush his teeth
"I’m stuck in traffic, be right there"

"I’m not ready, I’m busy"

After opening a snack he was told he could not have
"This one’s open, I need it"

"I don’t like kids"

Snapshots, Week 19

Jun 19, 2019

My 1st tequila shot!  See also, Erin (right, striped top) is moving :(

An attempt at homemade granola bars.

Taste tester.

Sweet peas.



Big kid bed!

Asher, Month Eleven

Jun 17, 2019

This little love bug has the stinkiest chubby feet and flat out refuses to utilize baby sign language, preferring to yell, instead.

A month of many firsts, which included his first pair of shoes, visit the beach, and two trips (Dallas! San Diego!) within a month.

Biggest Milestone: furniture cruising with confidence. Had Cheerios for the first time. Claps his hands!

Hardest Challenge: has a fierce grip when he wants something, including people.

Most Memorable Moment: seeing his hair continue to lighten and watch the appearance of gorgeous chestnut brown wavy ringlets appear. First trip to San Diego! Dallas! The beach!

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