Meal Delivery: Vero Pizza & Pasta

Jul 26, 2017

Meal delivery It's everywhere. You know the premise, I won't bore you with details. 

But(!) I shall wax poetically, because when the service is local, run by a family, and the food is bite-your-lip-amazing, I must.  Also, this not sponsored.

Hey, Vero, HEY (waves like a schoolgirl)

We usually split the box (new recipes every two weeks) into three meals {pizza/pasta kit} and by far, the tomato sauce changed Mark's life while Owen chose to bathe in it. 

If I had to list my favorites thus far it'd be tied between fiori pasta/lemon cream/arugula,  and the tomato paccheri for pasta and for pizza - speck and arugula.

File this under, NEED.

Monday Musings

Jul 24, 2017

Grab button for mm

  1. Taking cues from this gallery wall when we (finally!) refresh our hallway.
  2. First position.
  3. Just ordered mine: Sisterhood of the, miracle dress.
  4. File this under, mouthwatering.
  5. PARTY!
  6. Can't wait to utilize this idea to capture memories.  
  7. On going back to work.
  8. GG2D, season 4! 
  9. This DIY kitchen renovation is #goals.
  10. As Owen says, "cheeeese.
also, this: at it again -- W30. I signed up for the Rock n' Roll 10k this October, we finally replaced the belt on the treadmill, now comes -- the act of getting off my rear. The quest continues. Binge watched Friends from College, and finished The Good Wife so I'm in need of a new show, stat. Ideas welcome.

Best Of Summer 2017: Week Three

Jul 21, 2017

Finally(!) found a sandal Owen will don, sans meltdown.  

Enter the world's most adorable (faux) baby birkenstocks.  

Week numero dos of Vero. I'm officially obsessed and have a blog post coming to a screen near you real(ish) soon..  

That one morning, when my family went for a walk and I got to watch The Good Wife, solo, in bed, with coffee. Before I went to the gym.  

It was a DREAM.

Pool and sprinkler fun with big T. 

Owen had zero fun. Obviously.

week: one/two
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