Snapshots, Week 23

Aug 16, 2019

Bookshelf, As Of Late

Aug 14, 2019

How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen - read whilst taking copious notes that I refer to, daily. No exaggeration.

Seven Days of Us - quick, slightly predictable read where I laughed, cried and prayed I'd never experience true quarantine.

I Owe You One - latest from Sophie Kinsella that did not disappoint.

I Mom So Hard - sobbed like a baby, laughed until I cried.  Can't recommend enough.

Celebrate - thoughtful guide to every type of celebration.

Nine Perfect Strangers - quirky novel. While not my favorite, I had to know how it ended, and in tru Liane form, the characters are developed beautifully.

Queer Eye - gorgeously depicted stories of the Fab Five. Have tissues handy, honey.

Verity - Twisted and maniacal. Couldn't put down.

Together: Our Community Cookbook - the theme of last month's cookbook club with scads of approachable recipes I've reached for on the regular.

Next Level Basic - Witty, easy read on living your truth, whatever that may be.  With tons of Vanderpump Rule references, obviously.

Who Moved My Cheese - speed easy read as it relates to not only business, but overall outlook.

True Roots - I've mentioned this before and it deserves another mention. Stocked with tons of easy, whole food recipes that the entire family loves and makes me feel good serving.

Snapshots, Week 22

Aug 5, 2019

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